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Welcome To Our Knowledge Base

We developed this page to assist you with general and standard information you may need. This page also includes FAQ's. You can browse by categories, use the search bar by entering keywords (no search bar, therefore must be deleted), or contact one of our customer service representatives to answer your questions.


New User Guide                                                                      Troubleshooting

How to place an order from our website

Is it safe to shop at

How can I check the status of my order?

• Which payment methods are accepted?

Do Michal Negrin products come with any warranty?

Viewing prices in different currencies

Is shipping available to all countries?

Michal Negrin Wholesaler Guide



    • How come I can't login?                                                                  

    • I paid for an order and the order was cancelled, why?

    • How can I cancel an order?

    • How can I return a defective item?

    • Do Michal Negrin products come with any warranty?

    • Cancelling an Order





Shipping & Delivery

Payment Methods                             

My country isn't available on PayPal, what should I do?

How Does PayPal Work?

Is it possible to pay by cash-on-delivery?

What is Michal Negrin's PayPal account?

Do I have to pay VAT or sales tax on items purchased through at Michal Negrin?

Why was my order cancelled?



Why can't I choose my desired courier?          

How do I save on shipping fees?

Is shipping available to all countries? 

FedEx Contact Information

What is the estimate delivery time for my order?








What kind of materials are used to make Michal Negrin jewelry?

A crystal fell off my necklace, what should I do?

I placed an order online, how long is the expected delivery time?

I lost one of my earrings from the Michal Negrin collection, what should I do?

I made a purchase online and would like to return it. Is this possible?

I saw a Michal Negrin item but cannot find it in the online store. How do I find it?

I am planning my wedding and would like to know if I can place a custom order for my bridesmaids and myself?

How do I recognize an original Michal Negrin item?


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