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Creative, intelligent and friendly Adores tree climbing and scuba diving Loves open spaces, looking at the sea while feeling the sand, the water and the airflies to far away places in her imagination

Happy ,energetic and endearing She has no habits, and is different from the rest Speaks various languages and sees through people Likes the seashore and the horizon, Knows how to capture those moments in life That really count

Fire and passion for life Constantly changing Loves to study and widen her view Loves to travel and see the world Has spark and charm in abundance. Rainbow is warm, adventurous, direct and truthfull.

She will capture you with her smile And delicate look A true believer in peace Writes poetry and loves dancing When she dances time has no meaning, The world stops the stars glitter and she smiles within

Young and cool mother, devoted, true to herself and lives the moment. Loves to create harmony between people, to hug, give and excite. Dreams of a family trip around the world and knows it will come true.

Intellectual, sophisticated and mysterious. Has a diverse range of friends. Loves to sit with her intellectual friendsin coffee shops, to discuss art, culture and beauty. Studies acting by day, sings at a jazz club at night and arrives on time to watch the sun rise
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