New Michal Negrin concept store in Ramat-Aviv Mall -Israel

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new concept store in Ramat-Aviv Mall in Israel
Our new store is designed in a new concept which reflects our brand story in the most accurate way.
Noa Tishby, our company presenter came to celebrate with us the grand opening 
together with journalists, friends and local models and actors. The guests were welcomed by a violin player and enjoyed a unique presentation of our fashion and jewelry collection  We will continue to create special experiences for our costumers and to live the fantasy… 


lovely post by Gudy

We like to connect: through colors, periods and especially between people
Attached a link to Gudy Herder’s blog. Gudy passed by our new shop in Venice and couldn’t ignore it.
Thank you Gudy for the lovely post we loved it!!!

Posted on November 2, 2011 by gudyh

This is Michal Negrin´s world !

When working last week in Venice, I planned one day off (who can be in Venice without visiting at least the city for some hours?) and went “treasure hunting”.

I found a shop which was about to open, took some pictures of the main window and when asked by a very nice lady if I was a journalist (is a blogger a journalist??)…she invited me to come over the next day to the official opening and meet Michal herself. Who could say no?

Michal Negrin, a designer born in Israel joined the opening of her first shop in Italy (having already 25 shops in Israel and another 25 worldwide). Even being very busy she spend some time with us giving a very interesting interview -what a great gesture- where she explains how she started, what is inspiring for her, where she gets her references from and relies on. I loved to see how passionate she is about her work and hence her life living her very true mission!

This video was filmed and very nicely put together by my better half (thank you for your creativity and support!).