What does being a fashion designer mean to me ?

Firstly, it means that I have a lot of clothes to wear. I remember myself searching for years for special clothes that would suit me and convey what I like seeing in colorfulness, interest, and soft and pleasant textiles. I didn’t always find them, so for me, being a fashion designer is first and foremost my ability to design clothes for myself that will express my own individuality, and of course, to share this with our other customers in Israel and abroad.

Generally, ideas and inspiration come to me usually when I’m in bed at night, or in the shower. At night, when I close my eyes, colors and ideas drift before my eyes and I immediately put them down on paper.
When I arrive in the morning I start putting my imagination to work. One of the things that I love in my business is the speed at which those ideas come to life and get expressed.
I get my inspiration from a variety of different worlds:

Flea markets around the world that I love going to, anywhere I travel to in the world. One thing that excites me is seeing art that was done in the past using given techniques, taking ideas and colors from them, and by using technological means that we’ve developed, giving them a new and current expression.

Old dolls with special personalities that I collect.

Old pop-up cards and prizes, from a hundred years ago too.

Landscapes and buildings that are architecturally interesting: I usually photograph interesting buildings wherever I go. In this way, I keep these memories alive and combine them with my world, thus immortalizing them and using then in collages and assemblages.

Materials are also a source of inspiration for me: beads, lace, special ribbons, which I like to combine and bring together using my own interpretations.
I feel that I give all those inspirations a new life in the items that I design and they give my world color, interest, excitement and happiness.


Target Audience
I began designing from my own desire to create clothes that I couldn’t find for myself. I am happy that my customers can relate to the fashion items that we create, and every day I receive emails from clients around the world that share their worlds with me and that want additional items. Our fashion department today manufactures for a wide variety of customers, ranging from young girls to mature women—each connecting to that place that enables her to feel good about herself and to express herself and her individuality.

The uniqueness of the textiles that I use, other than their accuracy in colorfulness and graphic prints, lies in the fact that they are very thin, pleasant to the touch and travel well. They compliment the female body, expose what should be exposes and hide what should be hidden.

What do you feel is important for the items that you design to express?


Firstly—interest, happiness and colorfulness. It is important to me that they will be original, not something that is found everywhere or that is influenced by any given trend.
The various combinations between items are very important to me. A printed item combined with a mono-colored item creates a harmonious layered look.
I aspire to create the right balance in a collection that will enable women to express themselves and feel good about themselves, to dare to be who they really are, and to express their individuality.

I try to create a language in my designs that is independent of time. I feel that the items I create are non-generational…they make use of images that existed in the past but give them a current interpretation that I always feel is right. In addition, it is most important to me to make sure that each item connects between people.

What is my background?
I have no formal background in fashion studies, I am self-educated and I taught myself and developed techniques over the years. In addition, it is important to me to achieve accuracy and quality in my creations and I therefore work with graduates from the higher-education design schools that contribute their knowledge and techniques, and with their help, I realize my dreams. When they come here I feel that I am breaking the rules that they learned at school for them and I bring them into a world where anything is possible.

Advice for the beginning designer
Always work with a passion for creation, be original and create interest. Go all the way with your truth without fear of what people will say, without fear of the difficulties, but rather see them as a challenge. Gather around you the people that can enrich your world, work in collaboration and know how to differentiate between what is important and what is not, and mainly—stay original and innovative.

Where do you think the fashion world is going and where do you want it to go?
In the past, the fashion world was rigid and predefined. The changes around the world and the technological revolution have enabled the world to open up and there is more expression of individual and different styles. The Internet and blogs have formed a large area for many styles and what in the past was considered extreme is currently considered mainstream.

Because I believe in originality, the more the world opens up, the more I welcome it. I feel that the more place there is for people to express their originality and the more that people are exposed to different styles, there is more interest in the world and that is where I would like the fashion world to continue to develop towards, to emphasize the individuality and personal style of each and every person using unlimited means. We are lucky to live in a world that makes this possible.

Michal Negrin – Now in L.A


International brand, continues to grow with 55 worldwide shops in key locations, and a new one in the City of Angels,L.A.
The beautiful store opened in a festive event, in the presence of Michal and the brand presenter, the international model and actress, Noa Tishby.
The store is located in an ideal location, the luxurious and popular Century City shopping mall, in Santa Monica Boulevard.
Our new concept design that includes our jewelry and fashion invites our customers to live the fantasy!