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We like to connect: through colors, periods and especially between people
Attached a link to Gudy Herder’s blog. Gudy passed by our new shop in Venice and couldn’t ignore it.
Thank you Gudy for the lovely post we loved it!!!

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This is Michal Negrin´s world !

When working last week in Venice, I planned one day off (who can be in Venice without visiting at least the city for some hours?) and went “treasure hunting”.

I found a shop which was about to open, took some pictures of the main window and when asked by a very nice lady if I was a journalist (is a blogger a journalist??)…she invited me to come over the next day to the official opening and meet Michal herself. Who could say no?

Michal Negrin, a designer born in Israel joined the opening of her first shop in Italy (having already 25 shops in Israel and another 25 worldwide). Even being very busy she spend some time with us giving a very interesting interview -what a great gesture- where she explains how she started, what is inspiring for her, where she gets her references from and relies on. I loved to see how passionate she is about her work and hence her life living her very true mission!

This video was filmed and very nicely put together by my better half (thank you for your creativity and support!).

New Collection “True Colors”

Michal Negrin, is launching a new jewelry and fashion collection for Autumn- Winter 2012 .
The New Collection has dramatic and glamorous look with an emphasis on bold colors ,interesting and unique materials
that create an unusual collection.
Next to the romantic appearance characteristic of Michal Negrin’s items
You may see in the new collection items bursting with color and a wide range of materials: feathers, exotic flowers
made of silk  and printed fabrics that are developed in the Michal Negrin, textile design department.
This Eclectic collection characterized by different types of elements, which create a new meaning.
Alongside the eclecticism we use several technologies: Handmade embroidery and interweaving with attachments and manual metal casting.
In the collection we can view a use of crystals, Swarovski stones, pearl-like beads,
Imported Lace that is specially developed for our use, and more.
True Colors -The name of the collection was given due to its unique color combination and variety of colors:
soft powder through the turquoise and fuchsia to black and burgundy.
The Items in our new collection are: necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, Tiaras and hair ribbons.
We chose Noa Tishby, an actress and a producer, to be our presenter because of her femininity, confidence and joy of life.

Behind the scenes with our new presenter – Noa Tishby

We are excited to announce the international actress Noa Tishby was chosen to be our new presenter!

“It’s my first time I choose presenter and I chose Noa as a presenter because she radiates femininity, confidence and enjoyment of life. It was an old dream for me and Meir my husband, Noa will represent us”
- Michal Negrin

















New store New excitement – Opatija store opening

We’re back from our new store opening event in Opatija, Croatia. Our fifth store in this great country, within a year and a half.
Gala opening event accompanied by a fashion show was held in a magnificent park near our store location.
We feel we have become ambassadors of friendship between Israel and Croatia
So if you’re in the area you are welcome to visit us!

Bloggers Meeting

On Friday we hosted a group of bloggers in our factory and  in our visitors center in Bat Yam. The meeting began with snacks in the gallery, went on to a tour of the design and production departments, and various workshop ended with She-Shy design unique gift.


Got married wearing a Michal Negrain item?

Love is in the air…
Got married wearing a Michal Negrain item?
Please send us pictures from your wedding day to
Congratulations and “Mazal Tov”

Wedding Dress







Opening a New Michal Negrin Store in Saint Petersburg, Russia

The first concept store of Michal Negrin in Russia opened In a festive press conference.
The store located in San Petersburg.
In the opening ceremony, the  “musical comedy” theater raised a show  devoted to the world of Michal Negrin
the Singers and  players were all dressed in the fashion& jewelry collection designed by michal.
To the special evening were invited an urban elite, people of culture and journalism.
See you soon, in the grand opening in Moscow ….

Opening a New Michal Negrin Store in Sofia, Bulgaria

The first concept store of Michal Negrin in Bulgariaopened In a festive press conference.
The store located in Sofia.