Dresses Design -Step By Step

Have you ever wondered how????
Have you ever wondered how the manufacturing process of Michal Negrin’s dresses looks like? Get a rare glimpse into the creative world of Michal.

Step 1 – After Michal and the fashion designer characterize the collection and create the sketches, the graphic designer designs the graphics on the garment pattern.
With our unique design technique, we customize the graphic designs according to sizes, so that the design is proportionate to its size.

Step – 2 The design is sent to the digital printer from which it is printed on paper. This paper is a form of transparency paper saturated in colored ink.

Step – 3 After the print comes out, we place it on top of the appropriate fabric and then it goes through the press machine. In this process, the design is transferred to the fabric. After it comes out of the press machine, the fabric and the paper are separated.

Step – 4 The printed fabrics are hand cut one by one.

Step -5 The fabrics are sewn together.

Step -6 Crystallizing and Glittering is the final stage in the process of our fashion line, which gives our clothes that extra kick to make them unique. This process is done by hand and it completes the colorfulness that Michal loves.

End result – completed garment

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