Meet Michal

I have always felt the happiest when creating. My mother was very influential
in my life and a constant support. She provided me with the tools to realize my
dream, the strength to take risks, and the power to believe in myself and my
designs. I always had the impulse to create a detailed world of my own,
combining new and old, full of color, richness, and metaphors; a mix of
everything I love.I started designing for myself and now there is nothing that makes me happier
than the ability to share my visions with so many people in Israel and around
the world.It excites me every time I meet someone who is able to connect to my fantasy
and find their own place in my world. My greatest enjoyment is that I love what
I do. I revel in the evolution and the way the whole process comes together at
the end. My work speaks to many and has an impact on the way women feel and what
they reflect: Romance, femininity, love and style.My perception of the world guides me through the creation stage and is
brought to life in the designs. I believe that it is important in our complex
world to remember and maintain a deep understanding of our essence. It does not
matter what age we are, nor our race or where we come from; what truly matters
is the optimism, the love and the joy that nourishes us. These qualities
strengthen our courage and bring us to better, more peaceful lives full of
reinvention and creation.I invite you to take a journey into my world and to come live the


11 thoughts on “Meet Michal

  1. Dear Michal, your jewellery and fashion are inspirational. I am fortunate to have a small collection of your jewellery in my gallery in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Women from all ages love your designs and how they make them feel. Thank you for giving women something to cherish and to feel great about themselves.

  2. Dear Mrs. Sylvia Harmsen,

    Thank you for visiting our Blog and for your comment .
    It is a great pleasure to receive lovely compliments from you.
    I hope you will keep enjoying Michal’s creations.
    Thank you again and best regards

  3. Dear Michal,

    I truly think I was destined to be floral artist with so much passion like you and to have so much love for what i do that my path crossed yours. I accidently strolled down the mall today out of a meeting with Bloomingdales for a vendor and i was glued to the window and couldn’t believe my eyes. I am such a vintage lover I have such unique love for all things vintage and your clothes line, your jewelery and texture just captivated my soul. I am in love, love love for your artwork. I have not stopped talking about the design and decor of your shoppe to my friends and circle. I too have a store front in studio city called fairyfoufrou and its such joy to find another soul like mine that has so much passion for what you do. It was an incredible feeling that I can never forget. I have goose bumps and can’t even express what it made me feel like. It would be an honor to be working with someone like you and creating wonderous vintage art through flowers for your shows…. Oh my, god bless you…..sincere regards, Nellie

  4. Dear Michal,
    for a long time I want to send my gratitude for the joy that makes me your talent.In moment,when I get into your small shop I feel a strange connection with you.Tenderness gripped my heart and at least for the moment and I start to live a pretty fairytale.All sad moments remain in the past.Magnificent beauty of your creations make me happy.Your work expressed and all my feelings.
    Although can not afford even a fraction of that beauty,I am happy that some people experience this joy.
    I wish you a lots of ideas which beautifly this word.

    Greetings from Croatia.:)
    p.s. .I am sorry for my bad english…

  5. Dear Michal,
    Your clothing and jewelry are some of the most beautiful items I have ever seen. I plan to order some clothing and wear some true art. Simply exquisite.
    Greetings from Grayslake, IL near Chicago, IL

  6. Dearest Michal,

    I have work in 4 hours but I couldn’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about my enchanting experience today. I came across your store in Atlantic City today because the extravagant vintage decor caught my eye. When I walked inside I was elated to greet the worker behind the counter and told her the store was gorgeous and that it had captured my personality perfectly. I started getting overwhelmed with excitement because of all the jewelry I had discovered. I probably spent a good hour in the store looking at every single piece of jewelry and it’s exquisite designs, breath taken by every piece of art I laid my eyes on or touched carefully as if I were being handed a baby. Needless to say I had fallen in love with your creations, joking to the girl behind the counter that “I never want to leave and just live here”. I purchased a lovely watch and I haven’t stopped looking at it since I got home. The lace design on the wrist band goes harmoniously with the floral! I am so happy to have found your jewelery because it’s so me. I am captivated by your work and I thank you soooo much for sharing your stunning creations. I am now devoted to collecting your art until I cannot afford to do so.

    Wishing you many many blessings
    Joyce (:

    • Agreed – and very well put! I live in New York, and the first time I chanced upon the Michal Negrin store in Atlantic City, I really couldn’t believe my eyes! Your experience in the store was precisely like my own! I was in there over an hour, and painstakingly poured over every single piece of exquisite jewelry – the color combinations were almost too much to bear…lol! I’ve become a HUGE fan and, although purchasing my heart’s desire could be quite pricey, the pieces are so beautiful, I always end up with something to take home on every trip to the store (usually two items, because I have such difficulty choosing just one!) – nice to find someone as smitten as myself!! ;-)

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