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Jewelry Lifestyle Fashion She-Shy New Arrivals
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Michal Negrin Jewelry - Necklaces

Michal Negrin Unique Crystal Necklace
$ 208
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Unique Crystal Necklace
Michal Negrin Flower Teriffic Necklace
$ 195
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Flower Teriffic Necklace
Michal Negrin Vintage V-Necklace 10097
$ 347
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Vintage V-Necklace 10097
Michal Negrin NECKLACE 11779
$ 78
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Michal Negrin Roses Necklace
$ 109
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Roses Necklace
Michal Negrin Exquisite Cameo Necklace
$ 175
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Exquisite Cameo Necklace
Michal Negrin Feminine Flower  Necklace
$ 128
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Feminine Flower Necklace
Michal Negrin Flower hand Painted Necklace
$ 386
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Flower hand Painted Necklace
Michal Negrin Elegant Medallion Necklace
$ 138
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Elegant Medallion Necklace
Michal Negrin Vintage Inspired Floral Necklace
$ 382
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Vintage Inspired Floral Necklace
Michal Negrin Fascinating Necklace 10093
$ 210
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Fascinating Necklace 10093
Michal Negrin VINTAGE NECKLACE - 9236
$ 156
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Michal Negrin Filigree Floral Necklace
$ 132
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Filigree Floral Necklace
Michal Negrin Flower Bell Necklace
$ 121
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Flower Bell Necklace
Michal Negrin Vintage Cameo Medallion
$ 258
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Vintage Cameo Medallion
Michal Negrin She-Shy Metal Print Necklace
$ 152
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She-Shy Metal Print Necklace
Michal Negrin Technical Details Necklace
$ 194
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Technical Details Necklace
Michal Negrin She-Shy Tie Necklace
$ 86
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She-Shy Tie Necklace
Michal Negrin Elegant Necklace  10610
$ 187
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Elegant Necklace 10610
Michal Negrin nephrite sunset Impassion Necklace
$ 486
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nephrite sunset Impassion Necklace
Michal Negrin Borealis Ornate Necklace
$ 101
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Borealis Ornate Necklace
Michal Negrin Vintage Painted Necklace
$ 167
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Vintage Painted Necklace
Michal Negrin Elegant vintage Necklace
$ 117
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Elegant vintage Necklace
Michal Negrin Totti She Shy Necklace
$ 155
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Totti She Shy Necklace

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