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The musical project Mosaic is a mixture of all that Michal loves, a projects that adds musical tunes to her world of design.

"The Mosaic musical project was born out of my great love for music and my desire to create music that reflects my world. I chose Uri Vidislavsky out of my great admiration for his work, which I have been following for years. Together we created a world of magical melodies with a combination of musical styles, above which always overlooks the spirit of goodwill. I hope we succeeded. With love, Michal."

listen to a mix from Mosaic     



 "Aspamia" was conceived as a soundtrack for movies that have not been shot…! Each tune scores an imaginary film, realistic or not, which is entirely the listener's. Wide arrays of vocalists, soloists, and instrumentalists have contributed to shaping and coloring each scene according to its unique musicale character, while leaving the center stage to the ultimate leading actor – our imagination. Gadi Gidor is a composer, music producer, and an adapter. The CD includes 11 tracks. "I am more than happy to share with you the experience I went trough upon hearing Gadi Gidor's Aspamia CD for the first time. The Melodies, the arrangements, the scope of the piece as a whole, the sweet harmonies, and the emotional charge that follows throughout these 11 tracks made me feel that this is a message worth sending out to the world. It took no more than a minute to realize that the best home for this kind of musical project would be the label we had established. I wish you an enjoyable musical journey, one that will take you to all those exiting destinations, where your dreams are made. Yours Michal."


listen to a mix from Aspamia

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