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Terms of Use

1 "Michal Negrin's News is a service that is provided by Michal Negrin Designs Ltd. (hereinafter:" Michal Negrin ") through which mailers can receive updates about the network of shops, including about products and promotions conducted online (the" Service ").

2. Date service is contingent upon submitting full details, as required by the registration form. For the avoidance of doubt, without giving full details, Michal Negrin reserves the right not to add the service joins.

3. Responsibility joins the service to provide accurate and true information and Michal Negrin responsible for any error or inaccuracy of data submitted.

4. Michal Negrin does not undertake any mailers sent by the service.

5. All joins the service will be considered as having voluntarily agreed to by his first name, as provided by him, and / or any data generated based on the analysis of these data and information, will be transferred to a container Negrin Michal Negrin will be used to promote activities, arranging analysis and for statistical information and research on direct mail law, that using this information not be considered a violation of privacy and win the joins in relief and / or any compensation. Also calculates said information property of Michal Negrin joins hereby give up any claim in respect of use of such information, including among other things claimed by the Privacy Protection Act, 1981. Michal Negrin may transfer the information to the above factors to perform its uses shown in this section.

6. Joins interested erased from the data base of service that will notify Negrin tank through a link "Remove from mailing list" that appears in mail messages sent by Michal Negrin or by sending a message that Michal Negrin e-mail address or via a link "Contact Us" Web site of Michal Negrin. Diminution of the service will take place within 30 days of receipt of such notification.

7. Michal Negrin reserves the following rights, as it deems necessary and in its sole discretion:

A.. Refuse to confirm or cancel service Join Date already been made.

At. Modify or discontinue the service activity at any time without prior notice.

C. Modify, add, subtract and change at any time the terms and conditions or part thereof, without notice.

8. Do not use the contents, names, designs, graphic content, music, files, images, photos, videos, text messages and symbols that appear in publications in service for purposes other than for personal and non commercial use. You may not copy, use, display, distribute or permit the doing of the above about who the content, in any way, including among other Web sites, publications of all kinds and so on.

9. Each person joins the service by providing such details will be considered as having read and agreed to its terms, including any future changes in them, as they did not agree he is eligible to join the service. Who joined the service shall not be any demand and / or claim in connection with the terms of use and / or change the terms of use.

10. Terms of use are put in the masculine for convenience only, but are designed for men and women alike.

11. Michal Negrin not be liable for non receipt of benefits and / or mailing and / or any connection with the service for failure and / or mistake and / or loss and / or failure to fulfill and / or updating personal details of joins.

12. Michal Negrin any appeal shall be made to the customer service department at Michal Negrin Designs Ltd., ë"è November 7th Street, Bat Yam 59,648 or Cancel :1-800-255-533, E-mail:

13. Terms of Use are subject to Israeli law jurisdiction with regard to their application will be competent court in Tel - Aviv

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