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Accessories & Home Décor

Accessories & Home Décor

For Michal Negrin, her creativity is a way of life, and she has always cared to make her surroundings unique and attractive – emitting happiness, optimism, humor, and artistry. The development of the Home Decor department began as Michal started to decorate her first shop based on the spirit of her own personal home, and very quickly the customers who came to visit the store showed interest in purchasing the décor used.

Michal is loyal to her way of life, which is to create a world of enjoyment, humor, optimism, and love, all wrapped in beauty, magic, and light. Her optimism and her desire to share were the main motivating factors which led her to create home décor.

The collection consists of:

The classical pieces such as the Hamsa hand worn to ward off bad luck, Mezuzas for the door, crosses, boxes, and picture frames.

Gallery pieces which were born from Michal’s new world and they are consist of a combination of art and design including: dolls, lighting and atmosphere, jewels for the wall, picture frames, and other items combining light and movement (spinning tops, lamps and candelabras).

The studio team producing these crafts includes graduates of design school, who under Michal’s guidance and inspiration plan and design these pieces with love and creativity. These items are handmade with an emphasis on detail, consisting of a wide range of materials: wood, metal, gold plated metals, fabric, metal ornaments, lace, ribbon, brass chains, and other different textures, all adorned with jewels, including Swarovski crystals and glass beads.

The décor collection allows us to bring some magic into our homes and offices.

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