Michal Negrin

Michal Negrin ~ Now in L.A

The International brand, continues to grow with 55 worldwide shops in key locations, and a new one in the City of Angels,L.A.
The beautiful store opened in a festive event, in the presence of Michal and the brand presenter, the international model and actress, Noa Tishby.
The store is located in an ideal location, the luxurious and popular Century City shopping mall, in Santa Monica Boulevard.
Our new concept design that includes our jewelry and fashion invites our customers to live the fantasy


Michal Negrin Now in L.A


Evening Collection - New jewelry collection

The collection is dedicated to romantic evening looks and divided into three main lines of jewelry that represents a different style.

The three lines of jewelry collection:

Lace story –Unique and dramatic evening line that makes a statement and flatters evening neckline dresses.
It is possible and even recommended to combine the line with clothing pieces as well as plain fabrics only because the jewelry stands by itself and provides the feminine and glamorous look that enhances every appearance. The line is characterized as a lace like metal in black and white with a touch of color, silk flowers, crystals and Swarovski beads.

Rose Romance –
Vintage line for romantic looks, light and contemporary, combines old and new.
The line is characterized by soft colors and pastel shades of powder, metal chains, pearls, corals, hand painted fabrics and unique laces that are used as the jewelry base.

The Classics -
Familiar, favorite Michal Negrin jewelry style characterized by rich color and made by unique techniques.

All items are handmade and combining Swarovski crystals.


Evening CollectionEvening Collection 1

Evening Collection 2Evening Collection 3

Evening Collection 4Evening Collection 5


Moscow Fashion week

We are pleased to tell you about our participation in the fashion week in Russia.

Fashion Week is held twice a year in the city of Moscow and is considered the most important fashion event in Western Europe.
Russian and worldwide top designers take part in this dazzling event.
In our fashion show we presented the new fashion & jewelry collection that was followed by great interest from the enthusiastic audience.A month ago we opened Michal Negrin concept store in St. Petersburg and we are currently launching our second branch in Moscow.


Moscow Fashion weekMoscow Fashion week

Moscow Fashion weekMoscow Fashion week

Moscow Fashion weekMoscow Fashion week


A New Store In Russia

The first concept store of Michal Negrin in Russia opened In a festive press conference.
The store located in San Petersburg.
In the opening ceremony, the "musical comedy" theater raised a show devoted to the world of Michal Negrin
the Singers and players were all dressed in the fashion& jewelry collection designed by michal.
To the special evening were invited an urban elite, people of culture and journalism.
See you soon, in the grand opening in Moscow ....



A New Store In Russia


Dubrovnik Fashion week

Take a glance of our new fashion collection that was presented on Dubrovnik's Fashion week between the 26/8-29/8/ 2010–08–31


A New Store In Dubrovnik

We are glad to inform you that we opened the Second Concept Store in Croatia
A concept store owned by Michal Negrin in Dubrovnik.
The grand opening event included many prominent public figures, both in the cultural and business world.
The store will be situated in Dubrovnik's Stradun street in the city centre.
This street is described as vibrant and full of life during the day and transforms into the most popular nightlife district in the entire city.

The boutique is located at the end of the Stradun directly opposite the St. Blaise church.


A presidential pride

Mr. Shimon Peres, has visited the new restored historical attraction:" Mitham Hatachena", and chose Michal Negrin's new shop as his first stop.



Michal Negrin fashion Gallery

Michal Negrin fashion Gallery store - the new shop, 42 meters (132''), consists of two rooms, presents a new concept where the focus is on collections of clothing, jewelry and accessories that are complementary to the collection.
One can find the latest collections of Michal Negrin presented with nouveau point of sale devices that enhance the innovative buying experience and make it unforgettable.
Along with the reach variety of clothing, the store presets Michal's new jewelry collection such as: the movement collection, the layer collection, miniatures and many more.
The new shop, located at the compound, was once the villa of the owner's living room mansion underwent strict conversion and restoration processes.



Michal's Limited Edition Wine

Michal Negrin Limited Edition Wine

Michal Negrin has collaborated with Tulip Winery to release a special limited edition series of wine in a new and exciting joint venture. The 300 bottles of wine have been exclusively designed by Michal Negrin and radiate her distinctive colorful style. Each bottle in the series of both 2008 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are ornamented with a unique bottleneck jewelry piece and each wine label depicts a joyful pastoral fantasy which features characters from Michal Negrin's world. 


NASA at our visitor's center

Jackie Bolden, Wife of Gen. Charles Bolden pays a visit to Michal Negrin's visitor's center.





A New Store In Croatia

We are glad to inform you that we opened the First Concept Store in Croatia

Michal Negrin Designs launched the first Michal Negrin concept store in Zagreb, Croatia.
The grand opening event included many prominent public figures, both in the cultural and business world.
Some of the figures who attended the festive event included Severina, the most famous singer in Croatia, along with many elite businessmen.
The event also included the musical talents of the famous Croatian cello player, Anna Rucner.
At the store’s grand opening, Rucner was dressed and jeweled with Michal Negrin items, while performing some extremely impressive pieces.
The Michal Negrin store is located in the newly opened Cascade Mall, which is an exclusive shopping mall in the heart of Zagreb. The Cascade Mall is known for the high-end designer shops, bars, and restaurants that occupy the premises. Some of the internationally known designer shops include Roberto Cavalli, Stefanel, Furla, Hydrogen Jeans, Chantelle, along with many more. The mall is located on Tkalčićeva Street, which is an action-filled shopping district. This street is described as vibrant and full of life during the day and transforms into the most popular nightlife district in the entire city.



Letter Pendants

Michal Negrin launched a new collection of English letter pendant necklaces. The letter pendants are handmade and 24K gold coated, embellished with a rich floral and lace graphic print, beads, and Swarovski crystals.

 What Is Your Key?

What Is Your Key?

Open up the New Year with various handmade Michal Negrin key designs.
Even though keys are meant to open doors, beyond that they can also be a symbol or a metaphor. This is the reason why the multi-faceted designer, Michal Negrin, chose this key motif as the core of her inspiration for her new collection, due to launch with the start of the New Year.
The new collection is composed of a variety of key designs, all handmade and embellished with Swarovski crystals, with a wide variety of shades and colors.




A New Store In Boston

The new 90 square meter store is situated in the hottest touristic center in town, Quincy Market, right near the sea. The Market is vibrant and includes a Maritime Museum, a Marina, and a wide variety of restaurants. This area is visited by 18 million people each year!
The new store was designed entirely by Michal Negrin and includes the following collections: casual fashion and eveningwear, jewelry, hair accessories, and home accessories—all of which are designed by Michal Negrin and are hand made.
Michal Negrin: "The new concept store in Boston is designed according to the new coffee-gallery concept, which was recently opened. This is not the first, but it is a very fresh and exciting design. "


A New Store in Mexico City

The enchanting shop is located in the prestigious Perisur Shopping Mall.

Michal's collection, including neo-Victorian style costume jewelry, fashion garments, fashion accessories, and home accessories are available in the 42 square meters shop.

The Michal Negrin Perisur shop is the second shop in Mexico City, which was opened in the last year: our other shop in located in Santa Fe.