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Israel Celebrating 60

Israel celebrated its 60th



On May 8th Israel celebrated its 60th birthday, and as memorabilia Michal designed new items and prints.

The prints are a mixture of elements and symbols of Israel and its history and Michal's private and artistic world including the following:

Print of doves and a print of a collage from old Israeli postcards and Michal's family.

Michal Negrin: "I see myself as a real Israeli, born in a kibbutz and now a city girl, I love my country and I enjoy presenting it a beautiful and lovely place to the world.

I took the romance from my childhood and my family's history and I created a collage which includes my father with his youth movement, my parents on a carriage harnessed to a donkey on the way to be wed, my husband Meir as a baby and my daughter Jasmine.

The photographs are mixed with Israeli symbols and signs and motives from my fantasy world."

Inspired by the collage, Michal designed a one of a kind dress (on showcase now in the airport store in Israel) and a line of items such as a sleeveless tops, a tie, pendant necklaces with Hamsas, stars of David, and heart elements, earrings, brooches, and more.

Available on the online store.

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