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“The World of Michal Negrin”, invites you to enter it’s gates and walk into a world saturated with creativity and optimism, a place that is one of a kind.

Michal Negrin has opened her doors to invite you to her visitors center, to experience a world of fantasy and creation, that begins with an idea and ends with a jewel.

The visit at “The World of Michal Negrin” includes a viewing of a film and a guided tour through the walls of the famed brand name, including the studio and factory; demonstrating all the stages of design and production and how Michal’s world is weaved together. At the end of the tour we would like to host you for coffee and cake at “Michal Negrin’s World”.

our in the Visitors center:

By reservation only from Sun -Thu between 9:30AM – 3:00PM

For reservations please call: 972-3-5553333 or e-mail:

The duration of the tour is 1.5 hours.

Gallery Shop

Come and visit our open to the public gallery shop. No reservations necessary.

Store Hours:

Sundays-Thursdays: 9:30AM – 6:00PM

Fridays: 9:30AM – 2:30PM

For reservations please call: 972-3-5553333 or e-mail:


What Is Displayed at Michal Negrin’s World - Gallery

Thousands of sparkling lights in all colors and textures welcome the visitors to “Michal Negrin’s World”: illuminated doll houses of all sizes which Michal designed and which Meir Negrin, Michal’s husband and CEO of the company, built with his hands. These spectacular houses are accessorized with thousands of different types of miniatures, while dazzling chandeliers sparkle with the play of lights; translucent coffee tables where we can see into a whole world; a stand for a puppet show; a canopy; illuminated flower bouquets; each visit brings with it a new surprise.

The combination of all these ingredients allows for the guests to escape to a charming fantasy world of childhood dreams, even if only for a moment

By using the “Layered Technique”, Michal found a way to create and flow, using a frame without glass that invites you to get close and share the experience. The language of visuals, unique to Michal, allows for the fantasy worlds and tales to be told using humor and memory, absurdity and ease, via many items and 3-D materials.

In the gallery covering an area of 220m we can find an array of displays and crafts, 50 places to sit which are spread throughout different areas, with every corner special and unique in regards to the furniture design and textiles. This gallery hosts various types of shows with a theater where the movie about Michal Negrin’s journey and life will be screened. One can sit for coffee and cake and enjoy the music in a magical ambience of light, beauty and magic.

For over 20 years Michal Negrin has been dedicated to her unique way and vision, surrounding herself with beauty, radiance and magic, joy for life, humor, optimism and love.

At the gallery store in “Michal Negrin’s World” a vast array of jewellery, fashion, furniture, vintage pieces and home décor are for sale.

Private Events

"Michal Negrin’s World” hosts private and business functions, lectures and conferences for up to 40 people.

We will be pleased to offer more details upon request:

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