The Studio

The company launches four jewelry collections annually in three categories: basic, fantasy and trendy.  After inspiration and design phase, the jewelry design team prepares preliminary models for each category.

Prototypes sent to the Foundry, where craftsmen prepare rubber molds, used for production of the models. Item then sent for casting and coating.  Metal is cooled and sent to technical department for cleaning, enabling insertion of crystals into jewelry.  Then begins process in the studio, to enhance pieces in various colors with accompanying elements: stones, fabrics and beads. Final stage comprised of setting the stones and assembly of the various elements for each piece.  When item complete, it is matched to corresponding models, and produced in different color versions.

Parchment paper is the first stop in the design creation for the collection. Sketches dictate lines and shapes for the final models. The first stage is creating patterns, for precision cutting and producing customized fit for different figures.  Final patterns for each models are then printed on selected fabrics. After graphic designs merged into fabric, items sent for hand-cutting, sewing, and finishing. Accessories include: lace, buttons, beads, ribbons - used to complete and transform garments in line with the model.

Last stop is the “crystal and glitter room” - beautiful Swarovski stones are inserted into predefined positions per designs. During the “sparkle” phase, graphic team focused on creating stunning fantasy garments, combining the crystals with the precise colors in the fabric, until a perfect result is achieved.
The graphic design process is inspired by Michal. The design team strives to accurately convey Michal’s Vision, transforming her fantasies into visual images, a complex “trial and error” process until finest effect achieved.   Graphics are customized to meet different body sizes and proportions, allowing every woman to own a garment as if made especially for her.

The graphics undergo a complex printing process – sublimation.  Cut shapes are placed in a PRESS machine and graphic designs fused into cloth, merging and becoming integral parts of fabric.  With graphics embedded into the material, the fabric pieces are now hand-cut according to the pattern.  The cut pattern pieces are transferred for sewing and finishing until a perfect garment is achieved.

Michal Negrin’s Lifestyle Division focuses on 2 main areas: household items and accessories for women. Production is based on a unique metal developed in-house.  This metal comprises two main criteria for manufacture of items: it facilitates combining a wide range of colors, and enables creating a 3D effect, an important part of Michal’s inspiration.

Best known is the family of SHESHY dolls, with over 20 different dolls, with different characters and unique appearances.   Every doll in the collection was inspired by a female character, who influenced Michal Negrin.