Terms and conditions

Welcome to Michal Nergrin’s web site!

By using this web site you (hereinafter: “the Client”) confirm reading and accepting all the terms and conditions as followed:

A. Personal Information

1. In order to purchase Michal Nergrin’s products (hereinafter: “the Products”) from the web site the Client must fill out a form – including personal details –full name, address, e-mail and phone number etc.

2. The next step of the purchase process, is to fill out a payment form – including Client’s credit card details, and further details as required.

3. Please be aware that posting false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory content (including personal information) is forbidden. Posting such information, might be treated as a criminal offence, and, will result in legal actions against the client, including for damages, that might be caused to the web site, Michal Negrin Design Ltd, its owner, managers or anyone else on their behalf.

4. Posting inaccurate details allow us to cancel your order/s immediately.

5. It is also forbidden to transfer your account to another party without our prior written consent.

6.1 The right to purchase the Products using this site is restricted to people and or entities that are:

6..1.1 Reside outside of Israel.

6.1.2 Over the age of 18 with eligibility and legal capacity.

6.1.3 Hold a valid credit card of one of the mentioned types: AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, MATERCARD, and DINERS.

6.2 Michal Negrin reserves the sole right to refuse allowing customers to use the web site and /or block a customer from using the web site and / or order products and so for any reason even if the costumer used the web site in the past. Without limiting the foregoing, Michal Negrin may cancel the eligibility to use the web site on the following cases:
• If during the enrollment process, incorrect information was intentionally submitted;
• If the client performed an act or omission that is or may damage the Michal Negrin site , and / or any third parties, including customers and suppliers of Michal Negrin.
• If the client used the Michal Negrin site services to commit an illegal act- under the laws of the State of Israel or to enable, facilitate or aid the commission of such an act;
• If the client have violated these Terms or terms of any other online service that Michal Negrin will offer.
• If the client owe money to Michal Negrin or its affiliates, despite the usual deadline for its payment;

B. Intellectual Property

8. Michal Negrin’s Intellectual Property Rights include all the content which is from time-to-time incorporated, used, practiced, embodies in, or otherwise employed in this web site, including, but not limited to, web site design, Products design, packaging design, Products trademarks and trade names, specification, trade dress, copyrights, currently or hereafter used by Michal Negrin, whether in this website or otherwise, and regardless of registration.

9.It is  forbidden, under any circumstances, to copy, modify, decompose, reverse assemble, disassemble or make any adaptation of Michal Negrin’s Intellectual Property Rights including the content of this web site and the Products appear in it.

C. Business hours

10. Michal Negrin ordinary business days are between_09:00 Sunday to 17:00 Thursday, Israel time, excluding Jewish ’s holiday’s;

D. Price’s Policy

11. The price of the Products shall be Michal Negrin quoted price as appear on the site at the time of the purchase. Michal Negrin reserves the right to update and change the prices from time to time - at its sole and unlimited discretion.

12. Prices do not include taxes, levies or duties that may be charged by any competent authority for distribution and/or selling Products outside of Israel. Such additional costs, if apply, shall be borne solely by Client.

13. Until different notice – and unless otherwise mentioned - Michal Negrin shall bear the costs for transport, packaging, Israeli custom clearances charges and insurance of any order.





Michal Negrin implements advanced defense mechanisms to secure the information on the web site. Penetration to the systems of Michal Negrin is a punishable criminal offense under the Israeli law. However, Michal Negrin cannot guarantee absolute immunity from a computer intrusion, intrusion attempts such as disclosure or static activity of the web site systems used Michal Negrin. If despite the security measures that are taken by Michal Negrin, a third party will penetrate the web site, the client will not have any claim or demand against Michal Negrin.
The client undertake not to perform any action to enter Michal Negrin computers illegally ,to scan for access routes or loopholes in these computers , crack the security systems or the encryption that protect the site and the information in it or to assist illegal activities as stated above.


Michal Negrin will not be liable for any non-matching, lack, deception or mistake contained in the information or about the nature or suitability for your or describe them.
All the pictures are for illustration purposes only. There may be differences and changes between picture and product appearance looks in reality, especially because of the fact that the images are displayed before your eyes on the computer screen.
Michal Negrin does not warrant that the products offered for sale will suit your needs and demands. It is the client responsibility to check the suitability of products for its needs.
Michal Negrin is not responsible for any harm caused to the client directly or indirectly as a result of a late delivery, or as a result of the products which was provided to the client. Without limiting the foregoing, in any case where Michal Negrin will found liable, this liability will be limited to an amount equal to the product price.
Michal Negrin makes every effort to preserve the integrity of the activity of "Michal Negrin web site. However, Michal Negrin does not warrant that the Service in the web site will not be interrupted, will take place safely and without error, and shall be immune from an approach - unauthorized, damages, malfunctions - including malfunctions of hardware, software or communication lines.
During your visits at Michal Negrin web site, commercial information will be presented with to the client. The source of such information may be from Michal Negrin and may be from third parties. In cases where the information comes from third parties shall, Michal Negrin cannot guarantee the credibility and accuracy of such information, therefore the client cannot come to Michal Negrin with any claim or demand for loss, direct or indirect damage caused by relying on or by using the information provided by Michal Negrin web site, which originated from third parties.

Changes to the site and service

Michal Negrin may change from time to time, these conditions without prior notice. New terms will be posted and will take effect after such publication.
Michal Negrin can periodically change the structure of the website including the servicesa and appearance, without having to notify in advance. Such changes may entail malfunctions or may initially non-convenience and so on. The client will have no claim or demand against Michal Negrin for implementation of such changes or failures occurring during the course thereof.



14. Please be aware that since each Product is handmade upon request – Michal Negrin cannot guarantee that it will be delivered exactly as the image appear on the web site, and it may slightly differ from the image, including but not limited to the Product’s color, shape, size and design.

15. Jewelry only carries a lifetime guarantee for replacing or fixing broken, damaged and impaired Products at Michal Negrin’s expense. However, this does not include any damages caused by malice or improper use, or using not according to reasonable use for items of that kind. Our warranty covers each item of jewelry for defects in manufacturing only (based upon inspection and sole determination) of Michal Negrin and expressly excludes coverage for excessive wear and tear and/or physical/accidental abuse, loss and theft. Improper repair or warranty service performed by someone other than us will immediately void this warranty. To remove any doubt, Michal Negrin disclaims any liability for consequential or incidental damages.

16. Warranty Service Instructions: Sending jewelry for warranty service, must include the following:

Your Name. Copy of Invoice OR Invoice Number. Detailed description of the problem. your return address, phone number and e-mail address.

17. Please pack your jewelry in proper secure box for shipping via a reliable, traceable carrier, such as USPS, UPS or FEDEX. All shipping costs are your responsibility. For your protection, you should insure your item against all risks, for at least its purchase price.

18. In no event Michal Negrin will be liable to Client whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any amount in excess of the total payment paid by Client to Michal Negrin for the Product.

19. Michal Negrin makes no warranties with regard to Product ordered by Client but was not accepted by Michal Negrin, for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to technical problems and/or human mistake. This web site is intended for personal use only including the granting of presents but not for any commercial use of any kind. Michal Negrin retain an unlimited right to decide, upon its sole discretion, not to accept any order and/or to cancel any order which Michal Negrin believes were delivered for commercial purposes including wholesale purposes and/or in contradiction to the restrictions stated above.

F. Return policy

20. Client is entitle to return a Product, solely within 14 days following the receipt of the product, by giving a prior written notice using the designated form attached in the web site. The period for returning jewelries products which their price does not exceed 3,000 NIS will be two days from the date of purchase not including days of rest.

21. The returned product must be intact and in its original state and package, including the original labels, and invoice.

- Special orders can not be returned ,orders over $2999 store credit will be issued if an exchange isn't requested.

 Please note that due to limitations in photography and the inevitable differences in monitor settings, the colors shown in the photography may not correspond 100% to those in the items themselves.)

Limiting the right of cancellation:

The right of cancellation as stated in these regulations shall not apply to:

  1. goods that were assembled at the consumer place;
  2. Goods that were manufactured specifically for the consumer according to size or special requirements;
  3. goods in which the law does not allow to return
  4. goods one can  record, reproduce or duplicate, which the consumer opened their package;
  5. If the consumer asked that the goods ordered will be delivered to him later than six months from the date of the transaction, the right of cancellation does not apply if the consumer wanted to cancel the deal after the date of delivery.

a deal in which the consideration paid by the consumer with shopping coupons, a gift certificate or a loaded magnetic card.

22. It is clarify, however, that in any case of cancellation of the order, by the Client, and/ or return of the Products (not including – return of damaged products and/or mistakenly shipment caused by Michal Negrin), the Client would have to pay for all expenses and charges including for transport, packaging, custom charges and insurance, for both the first delivery of the Product/s ordered and the return costs and expenses.

23. Only Upon receipt of the returned Product, Michal Negrin shall credit the client for the sell price, after deducting 5% or 100 NIS (the lower between them) as a cancellation fee.

24. IN any case, Michal Negrin will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the product during shipping of the returned products.


25. The Products shall be delivered to the listed address as appears on the virtual form the Client provided or to any other address as mutually agreed between the parties, in writing.

26. Since Michal Negrin does not keep stock of the products, and the products are hand made upon request, Client acknowledges that Michal Negrin cannot ensure the delivery of any order or any part of an order and cannot ensure a timetable for the delivery of any order. Client waives any claim regarding any undelivered order or any late delivered order

27. However, Michal Negrin shall attempt to deliver the Products within 15 working days, following receiving the Client’s credit card company’s payment confirmation.

28. The products shall be delivered to Client by a Courier chorused by Michal Negrin’s at its sole and unlimited discretion, and according to the Courier policy. Therefore, Michal Negrin shall not be liable for any delay in delivery.

29.Prices do not include taxes, levies or duties that may be charged by any competent authority for distribution and/or selling Products outside of Israel. Such additional costs, if apply, shall be borne solely by Client.

H. Applicable Law

30. The rights and obligations of the parties under this agreement shall be governed and construed solely under the Laws of the State of Israel in the jurisdiction of the District of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo.